"There is a black sun which is not visible to the human eye. It is our beacon and its fire burns within us." -- Akkadian temple inscription



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Black Sun

Steven Kaye's irregularly updated blog

Good news - I'm not reporting to the Backstabber. And my high school alumni directory arrived about a week ago - surprising how many people haven't left the state (or have returned to it). New Jersey's psychic gravity pulls us in. Also, the rent's not bad, as Northeastern states go. Re-reading Mary Gentle's The Architecture of Desire - I've always been fascinated by architecture, especially the intersection of architecture and the occult. I suppose it's the mixture of reason and science on the one hand and the irrational on the other - besides making sure you've got a building that's stable, you also have to make sure that it's a building people want to remain in, which means you have to have enough light, people have to have enough space to move about freely and other psychological factors. And that's not even counting the symbolism you're incorporating, or whether your site's on a network of magical energy, or somesuch. I still have fond memories of a brief Over The Edge campaign, in which my character was a deranged architect who was so frustrated by the small-mindedness of his colleagues that he built a concert hall designed to drive the concertgoers insane. And in other news, my iBook Tekeli-li is no more. A fall severely damaged its screen, and the repairs would cost the same as purchasing a reconditioned iBook. I'm keeping it around so I can transfer the data when I get a new computer - currently I'm leaning towards a G4 PowerBook of some sort, to be christened Smoking Mirror.
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