"There is a black sun which is not visible to the human eye. It is our beacon and its fire burns within us." -- Akkadian temple inscription



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Black Sun

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Various short notes: Apologies for the comments caption - apparently Enetation reset comment counts, but was unable to fix everyone's comment caption. Someday Blogger will support comments itself and I will be glad. For that matter, what changes has Blogger made? I see that I have Upload File as an option now on my edit screen. C'mon, Ev, spill. And a very belated thank you to Franklin Harris for answering my question on Japanese animated film budgets. That's all - next post will probably be more thoughts on knowledge management. Unless it's a discussion of The Light of Other Days.
You know, I was going to revisit the idea of better tools for creating, discovering and sharing knowledge and Anil Dash has beaten me to it. Sure, it's focused on microcontent, but this kind of granularity fills a need. I've worked for consulting firms for 10 years now (as of the end of March), and the complaint I'm always hearing is that consultants have to search through tons of items to cobble together something useful for their project. Part of the solution is providing better knowledge discovery tools, but it's also about providing basic building blocks for content, supplemented with formal and informal networks (i.e., talking to people who've dealt with similar issues). That way, you can aggregate the pieces you need, know that these are pieces you need, and identify any gaps quickly - as opposed to slogging through lengthy documents and PowerPoint presentations for the few useful morsels. Tacit provides another piece of the puzzle - enabling the building of ad hoc groups more readily than frantically sending out voice mails to dozens of people or posting to discussion forums and hoping a response comes in time. And it's got privacy safeguards. Thanks to Smart Mobs for pointing me to them.
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