"There is a black sun which is not visible to the human eye. It is our beacon and its fire burns within us." -- Akkadian temple inscription



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Black Sun

Steven Kaye's irregularly updated blog

Not too much new to report - I needed cheering up last weekend, so I willfully ignored all the reviews and saw The Transporter. It's formulaic, the action's not that spectacular (although I liked the initial car chase scene) and my best hope is that it leads to bigger and better roles for Jason Statham (it will be interesting to see if the The Italian Job remake is worth watching). But against all this:
  • The Chinese rap is deliriously awful
  • That car chase scene is great, even if it makes no sense whatsoever
  • Nice to see Ric Young is keeping busy
  • I've never seen thugs beaten up with a shirt before
  • The oil fight is funny as hell. But I still wish someone had lit a match, or a lighter, or something
I've been working my way through The Alexandria Quartet, having just finished Balthazar. I've also seen a wonderful Lon Chaney (Sr.) movie, The Penalty, which a friend sent me along with Viy, a Russian adaptation of the Nikolai Gogol story. Lon Chaney plays Blizzard, a Barbary Coast crimelord embittered by the needless amputation of his legs as a child. He concocts an elaborate scheme to get revenge on the doctor who mutilated him, have his legs restored, and, oh yes, take over the entire city of San Francisco. Secret passages in fireplaces leading to dungeons/operating theaters, trap doors, homicidal hopheads, a rather chilling on-screen murder for 1920 and much more. Together with the bounty of extras, definitely recommended. Next up will pronbably be Donnie Darko. In other news, St. John's wort seems to be working for me as a mood leveler (I got some gel capsules from GNC). Which isn't to say I don't still get depressed and anxious, but the lows aren't as low. Now to find time to see a therapist, while doing the work of two people while there's a hiring freeze on. Sigh. Valerian doesn't seem to work as well for me (no, it's not just for making your cats freak out - it's also useful for insomnia). Part of this could be the incredibly foul smell, but I suspect it's more that I have problems getting to sleep due to anxiety, which valerian doesn't address.
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